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1. Overview[edit | edit source]

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.13.02.png 2022Moon logo

This is cryptocurrency that started centering around Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The 2022Moon has set foot in the cryptocurrency market based on a realistic and concrete road map and a clear belief even before its launch. It started with the concept of 'K-meme coin going to space' and attracted people’s attention, and it is a promising global coin that is growing with extraordinary development ability and driving force. It has also an interesting toknomics, and when the full moon rises on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, some part of it is burned through community voting (see 2-2). We are planning to install NFT/DeFi/GAME-Fi on a multi cross-chain platform with the concept of Meta Union. Please refer to the 'Roadmap' below for the detailed.

Name: 2022문, 2022Moon, 2022M Community Supporters: Mooners 500 Elite Supporters: Vanguard Network: BSC, ERC-20 Contract Address: BSC 2022Moon: 0x047a02a57501a813975b2D347278Fdd3dF671E86 ERC-20 2022Moon: 0xd9adb7536e90660f601c5bfb15cb49bfa78ca0a6 Total Supply: BSC-based: 2,000,000,000,000,000 (2,000 trillion) ERC-20-based: 500,000,000,000,000 (500 trillion) Ticker: 2022M Decimals: 18 Official Website: https://www.2022moon.com/ Official Kakao Talk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gyX60GJd Official Telegram: https://t.me/official_2022MOON Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/official_2022m Official YouTube (Korean): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QqqHIWenztqWijcx2pkdA

It was sold for the first time through pink sale on November 12, 2021 and was immediately listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. After that, it was listed on PancakeSwap and LBank, and we gave whitelist qualification to existing BSC-based holders before listing on Uniswap. The 2022Moon token based on ERC-20 was also sold out in an instant. After that, it listed on Uniswap and BitMart one after another, and it has shown crazy growth rates.

It surprised many people with its crazy driving force by listing on two major decentralized exchanges (DEX) and two semi-major centralized exchanges (CEX) within two months of its launch. It has also shown outstanding activities, such as participating as a standalone booth in the Fintech sector of the 'CES 2022 Las Vegas', the world's largest IT industry exhibition in 2022.

Team Introduction

Chris: Pilot Mae: Commander Nekard: Navigator Rig: Alchemist Jeffrey: Computer

2. Description[edit | edit source]

2022MOON that 2022Moon team explains ‘2022MOON is the new leader of Defi Technology. We are trying to link all the tokens with 2022M using Cross-Chain technology. We are the aerospace company doing everything related to space and Moon such as rockets, AR, VR, and Moon metaverses. We are now establishing the METAVERSE UNION'

‘2022Moon provides global services such as NFT/DeFi/GAME-Fi by developing its own platform that links all tokens such as ETH, BSC, SOL to 2022Moon using existing Cross-Chain technology. We will activate new business models (Rocket, AR, VR, Metaverse Union) and advance into the aerospace industry that performs everything related to space and the moon. We will establish and expand a global alliance related to NFT/DeFi/GAME-Fi and the aerospace industry, which will be serviced on our own platform, under the leadership of 2022Moon.'

2-1. Toknomics[edit | edit source]

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.26.46.png 10% fee for all transactions and transfers between wallets. When buying / selling, 2% of 10% fee is given to holders as rewards. (Pancake Swap: Doge / Uniswap, Lbank: 2022Moon / *BitMart is temporarily excluded) All transaction details are disclosed for transaction transparency. We are planning to add a bridge function between chains through development of cross-chain platform based on BSC.

BSC Token Matrix

Total supply: 2,000,000,000,000,000 (100%) 2,000 trillion tokens issuance Burning amount: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (50%) 1,000 trillion tokens are immediately burned Presale: 180,000,000,000,000 (9%) 180 trillion tokens (sold out) Liquidity: 186,000,000,000,000 (6.3%) 186 trillion tokens

ERC Token Matrix Total supply: 500,000,000,000,000 (100%) 500 trillion tokens issuance Burning amount: 200,000,000,000,000 (40%) 200 trillion tokens are burned immediately after issuance Presale: 26,000,000,000,000 (5.2%) 26 trillion tokens (sold out) Liquidity: 23,920,000,000,000 (4.8%, Input) about 24 trillion tokens Unlock: 125,000,000,000,000 Team Investment: 125,000,000,000,000

2-2. Burning (MoonBurning) System & Burning Status[edit | edit source]

The 2022Moon tokens will be burned in proportion to the existing tokens as much as received the most votes between 1 and 2% through community voting on the 15th day of the lunar calendar (full moon) of every month.

Burning address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x047a02a57501a813975b2d347278fdd3df671e86?a=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000dead November 2021: BSC-based 2022M issuance and at the same time 50% of total volume burning (BSC) November 19, 2021: 1st burning - 2% of total volume by voting (BSC) December 17, 2021: ERC-20-based 2022Moon issuance and at the same time 50% of the total volume burning (ERC-20) December 19, 2021: 2nd burning - 2% of the total volume by voting (BSC and ERC-20 respectively)

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.38.26.png

2-3. Moon Lock System=MLS: Lug Pull Prevention System[edit | edit source]

This is lug pull prevention lockup system to be activated from January 2022 It is a system that ensures that tokens are always in the state of lock-up except on the 15th day of the lunar calendar when monthly burning takes place as explained in 2-2. All the tokens held are locked up until the next burning date through management account, and you can check it at the address below.

MLS Information 🔓

BEP20-2022M https://dxsale.app/app/v3/dxlockview?id=0andadd=0x3b3B9e2f88Fa57B41f0026F4E95E1cbd12C05ad9andtype=tokenlockandchain=BSC

ERC20-2022M https://dxsale.app/app/v3/dxlockview?id=0andadd=0x3b3B9e2f88Fa57B41f0026F4E95E1cbd12C05ad9andtype=tokenlockandchain=ETH

2-4. Roadmap[edit | edit source]

2021 Initial Roadmap Phase 1 Project development (completed) Contract deployment (completed) Website launch (completed) White paper preparation (completed) KYC Audit (completed) Pink sale presale (completed) Pancake Swap listing (completed)

Phase 2 Attainment of 5,000 Telegram room members (completed) Influencer / celebrity participation (Participation of Bitsure, Altcoin Ltd., etc., ongoing) CoinGecko listing (completed) CoinMarketCap listing (completed) Attainment of 5,000 coins holders (completed)

Phase 3 Distribution of press release (ongoing) Launch of our own app Launch of decentralized exchange (Dex) Extra-large events for investors Attainment of 10,000 coins holders

Phase 4 Listing on centralized exchanges (currently 2 listed, ongoing) Partnerships with major projects Large offline marketing Attainment of 30,000 coins holders Expansion to 'Project Going to the Moon'

2022 Detailed Roadmap

Q 1 Start of bus advertisement in Seoul downtown (completed) Activation of Moon Lock System (MLS) (completed) Cross-chain 'Moon Swap' launch (including mobile app) Participation in CES Las Vegas 'Fintech' sector (completed) Start of outdoor advertising in large cities Activation of Moonkeeper system Listing on large, centralized exchanges 2022Moon GameFi preview Participation in Barcelona MWC 100,000 transactions with 25,000 holders

Q 2 Building cross-chain bridges with other networks Launch of our own D-App Launch of 2022Moon its own NFT marketplace Release of official 2022Moon GameFi Rocket launch project 2022Moon wallet release 200,000 transactions with 50,000 holders

Q 3&4 Community voting on Locked supply Listing on TOP 5 central exchanges 2022Moon Metaverse Union introduction (Moonpice.io) Participation in Burning Man festival Signing a partnership with credit card companies

And… All decisions are made through community voting. Everything is possible, and we will eventually go to the moon...

3. History[edit | edit source]

3-1 Birth[edit | edit source]

November 10th: We opened our first Telegram room and started sale by subscription on November 12. We applied a novel concept to burn 50% of the total volume and burn more than 1% every full moon. We also drew people’s attention with a reward plan which returns 2% of the 10% TAX generated by the transaction to the holders as rewards. (Tax 10% - marketing 5%, reward dogecoin 2%, liquidity 2%, burning 1% or more)

The development team declared that it would immediately challenge to be listed on the centralized exchange (CEX) within the fourth quarter of 2021 after the scheduled sale is completed, the Pancake Swap listing (BSC-based DEX) is performed, and it registers to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

November 11th: We announced that it was going to be held for two days from 23:00 on November 12th through the popular platform pink sale of the presale. In addition, we completed listing applications to CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Gate.io.

November 12th: We opened an official open Kakao Talk room of 2022Moon through community voting.

3-2 Presale & Pancake Swap listing[edit | edit source]

November 12th: We started the historical first sale with the goal of selling out a total of 2,000 BNB (about 1.5 billion won calculated at the BNB exchange rate at the time). The volume of about 720 million won was sold in one minute and we accomplished 1,000 BNB, the minimum standard (soft cap) for the presale in 2 minutes.

However, the sales no longer increased at the around 1,250 BNB, and some people started to concern, telling ‘the sales volume was too high' and ‘it’s flat broke'. (In the case of popular new coins sold in pink sale, they are usually sold out within 10-20 minutes) 스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.39.51.png

However, in the Korean Official Telegram room, dozens of holders, who expressed themselves as a 2022Moon 'the first honorary ambassador’, continuously promoted it by positively leading the mood of the community and gave tremendous support and cheering. So, it calmed the concern of many people and showed backing-up by selling out at the presale after one day. (At the beginning, there were rumors that the Arab room had more people than the Korean room, so everyone was surprised.)

The 1st honorary ambassador members encouraged each other by unifying their profile pictures and expressing them with the playful words of 'recruit uniforms'. They drove the FUDs out and kindly responded to the new users in the early days of the new coin, taking control of the initial atmosphere. Even though the number of people in other language rooms was significantly higher, the unity of people gathered in the Korean room began to shine. 스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.41.16.png

November 15th: At 8 pm, it was listed on Pancake Swap, a BSC-based decentralized exchange.

3-3 CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Registration & AUDIT Completion & Blockfolio Registration[edit | edit source]

November 17, 2021:

Registered on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

November 17, 2021: Completed official AUDIT of 2022Moon

AUDIT report:

⁃ No critical severity issues found.
⁃ No high severity issues found.
⁃ No medium severity issues found.
⁃ No low severity issues found.

Audited source code and report https://github.com/official22moon/2022moon

November 18th, 2021: We registered 2022Moon in Blockfolio, a coin explorer of FTX, a mega-large exchange in the United States (blockfolio.com/coin/2022m) to create a framework for marketing in North American.

3-4 EPICSAM[edit | edit source]

He is an influencer who cannot be excluded from the background of the emergence and growth of the 2022Moon. He is a Korean American YouTuber living in Atlanta, USA, and he specializes in cryptocurrency. In particular, he is famous for a sharp batting eye in discovering meme coins with various growth potentials. He was very important person who found 2022Moon for the first time and introduced it to Koreans from the beginning.

The following is a chronicle that collects his relations with 2022Moon

Find the Jackpot Coin November 10th: He introduced 2022Moon for the first time in a video titled ‘Find a Jackpot Coin' (He introduced it as a meme coin, starting at 10 minutes 30 seconds).

What is the next SafeMoon coin? November 12th: 'What is the next SafeMoon Coin?' the 2nd introduction of the 2022Moon (from 4 minutes 24 seconds) He referred to the SafeMoon coin, which has already been successful once, mentioning that it would be the next SafeMoon, and he looked around the website and introduced it in detail.

50X Coins & FUD November 13th: '50X Coins & FUD' the 3rd Introduction of 2022Moon (from 21 seconds) When it wasn’t sold out quickly in presale and he was attacked by others because he introduced it for receiving advertisements, he protested that he never received advertisements and introduced it with a little more affection for coins made by Koreans. He also said that people need to invest in something through DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Bitcoin & Meme Coin November 16th: 'Bitcoin & Meme Coin' the 4th introduction of 2022Moon (from 6 minutes 55 seconds) He briefly mentioned the news that it was sold out in presale and the Pancake Swap listing was done.

Altcoin that can Rise by 20X November 23rd: 'Altcoin that can Rise by 20X', the 5th introduction of 2022Moon (from 6 minutes 12 seconds) He emphasized that he did not receive any advertisement against the attack that he introduced it for advertisements. He mentioned that people needed to be careful about 2022Moon scam website. He introduced an article of 2022Moon from Blockchain Valley. He positively stated that the developers worked incredibly hard.

Find a Coin to Prepare for the 50X Alt Bull Market November 25th: ‘Find a Coin to Prepare for the 50X Alt Bull Market', the 6th Introduction of 2022Moon (From 6 minutes 18 seconds) He said that the developers worked very hard, and decisions were made through votes of the community. He promoted dogecoin reward 10% event. He revealed that he purchased 10 BNB during the presale, and he emphasized again that it is a reliable coin, and it is a good price to purchase before listing on CEX, although it is still formed at a price below the presale.

Korean Shiba Inu (SHIB)? / 2022MOON CEX Listing November 28th: ‘Korean Shiba Inu (SHIB)? / 2022Moon CEX Listing', the 7th introduction of 2022Moon. This is the first video to upload the 2022Moon as the main content. After seeing the huge dumping on November 27th, he entered the chat room and explained the reason in detail and stated that he did not sell it. He disclosed the contents of the email received from the developer. He said that it was the first time he had received an e-mail like this, revealing that the email contained the contents of “thank you for trusting us even though you are constantly being criticized by others, and we will do really hard.” He also revealed the fact that he made additional purchases after the dumping incident and praised the fact that it raised the price to a higher price than that of the presale price afterwards. He delivered the news of listing on LBank

Bitcoin’s next Steps & Indicator November 30th: 'Bitcoin's Next Steps & Indicators', the 8th introduction of 2022Moon (from 9 minutes 18 seconds). He briefly mentioned it congratulating the fact that the price soared more than 4 times due to the strength of the community after the dumping incident.

A Coin towards Alt Super Bull Market December 2nd: ‘A Coin towards Alt Super Bull Market', the 9th introduction of 2022Moon (from 5 minutes 43 seconds). He mentioned continuously the healthy chart shape of 2022Moon, sharing the announcement of LBank listing.

A Bargain Coin that can Rise by 50X? December 4th: ‘A Bargain Coin that can Rise by 50X?', the 10th introduction of 2022Moon (from 5 minutes 50 seconds). He mentioned that it kept its price without dumping contrary to people’s concern after listing on Lbank and said his own holdings. He officially acknowledged himself as 'a whale' by purchasing additionally during the presale and dumping incidents.

Next Mega Project December 9th: ‘Next Mega Project', the 11th introduction of 2022Moon (from 8 minutes 11 seconds). He opened the 2022Moon Airdrop event, which the CEO of 2022Moon had provided as a token of appreciation for EPICSAM’s direct and indirect promotions. He emphasized once again the unity of the community and the enthusiasm of the developers. He said that people needed to be careful because even EPICSAM scam room appeared in the scam room.

The Beginning of the Bitcoin Bear Market? December 16th: ‘The Beginning of the Bitcoin Bear Market?’, the 12th introduction of 2022Moon (from 8 minutes 11 seconds) He shared the news of a new launch based on ERC-20, explained why it is reissued as ERC-20, and disclosed the presale method. He shared Uniswap listing news and additional centralized exchange listings. He mentioned that he received the official offer to become a 2022M advisor from the 2022M CEO and answered that he would think about it after the listing on the centralized exchange had performed further.

Bitcoin Life and Death December 22nd: 'Bitcoin Life and Death', the 13th introduction of 2022Moon (from 10 minutes 29 seconds) He disclosed ERC-20 presale update. He mentioned that he also participated in and shared the news of BitMart listing. He started to do 2022Moon airdrop comment event.

Top 3 Altcoin Gems towards a Super Cycle December 24th: ‘3 Top Altcoin Gems towards a Super Cycle’, the 14th introduction of 2022Moon (from 7 minutes 55 seconds). He shared the news that after the ERC-20 presale, it was scheduled to be listed on BitMart, but due to a technical problem, the ERC-20 coin was reissued to a different address.

Bitcoin’s Steps and the Revolution of Meme coin December 30th: ‘Bitcoin’s Steps and the Revolution of Meme coin' (from 5 minutes 49 seconds) He shared the news that 2022M airdrop worth $100 would be given to 25 people through lottery on January 4th. He said that the development team of 2022Moon is great. He also mentioned that the purpose of participation in CES2022, the world's most influential technology exhibition in Las Vegas, is to improve awareness of meme coin, open the way to promotion to various influencers, and move to a major project. He praised the continued efforts of the 2022Moon and the community which maintained a healthy chart despite Bitcoin's decline.

A Hidden Gem Token that can Rise by 100X January 3rd: ‘A Hidden Gem Token that can Rise by 100X' (7 minutes 35 seconds) He mentioned that he praised 2022Moon which started advertising on the city buses in Seoul. He mentioned on how to participate in the 2022Moon airdrop, which would be held on January 4th, and how to receive it after winning.

3-5 CEX Listing Notice & Rug Pull Issue[edit | edit source]

November 24th As the news of CEX listing notice continued to appear, many people started to buy and ride on an upward trend. Then one day…

November 26th Approximately 53 trillion (451 BNB, about 350 million won) coins were dumped in large volume about 10 pm, and the community fell into a chaos with suspicion that it was a rug pull.

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.42.31.png

However, the volume was too small for the developers to make a run without paying. There were two atmospheres (one is suspicious, and the other is disappointed) at the same time because it was dumping of an ambiguous volume and price that people cannot understood with common sense.

However, the uneasy atmosphere was well overcome due to the support of the first honorary ambassadors and the strong measures to the FUD. Fortunately, it leaded to continuous buying with the reversal of the atmosphere, and the previous price could be restored.

In response to this situation, the developers responded as follows.

“It is confirmed that there was a mistake on the part of CEX during token coordination with CEX. Please calm down and wait for a moment.” 10:24 PM, November 26, 2021

“They answered they were handling the problem, but there was no explanation, and they just repeatedly said to wait. We waited for one hour but there was no response. We have no reason to take that risk.” 12:42 AM, Nov 27, 2021

“We signed a contract to list it on Upbit Korea won market on December 9, and we sent up to $40,000 USDT as a deposit required by Upbit and 60 trillion 2022Moon tokens (value of $306,000) to provide liquidity. There was an unexpected Rug pull in the process of adjusting liquidity and supply, the last remaining step. It was confirmed that the source was the 60 trillion 2022Moon Tokens we sent, and they acknowledged that it was their mistake. It is in the process of restoring as quickly as possible, please wait for a moment.” 1:52 AM, Nov 27, 2021

“We understood that the incident occurred because some employees hacked the official email address of the exchange when our team performed a listing through a listing agency on November 26th. We are waiting for an official reply from the exchange. We promise to take actions until the end so that the accident can be solved well.” 11:08 PM, December 10, 2021

It turned out to be an accident of scam of an agency, which trades listings on Upbit, the largest central exchange in Korea, as collateral. It was concluded that they were all dumped and ran away, after the scam agency received the 2022M tokens deposited by the development team as collateral. The development team was also a victim, and it continued to explain to the community along with captured photos of various circumstances. However, it seems that it did not get the tokens back.

3-6 LBank Listing[edit | edit source]

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.43.16.png

November 28th Through an official notice, it was announced that it would be listed on LBank on December 3 after launch. It is a large exchange that ranks 23rd in the trading value ranking, so it is a very encouraging achievement for a new coin.

3-7. Rebranding & Brand Manual Launch[edit | edit source]

December 3rd The brand manual of 2022Moon was disclosed.

3-8 ERC-20 Token Release[edit | edit source]

December 15th The development team of 2022Moon officially announced the issuance of ERC-20-based tokens. There were concerns about the decline in the value of the shares of existing holders due to the increase in volume, since it can be seen as a kind of ‘capital increase by issuing new stocks' in that coins already issued based on BSC are reissued in the same volume.

Hereupon, the development team convened a meeting for the first honorary ambassadors with high royalties and explained them the contents to be announced. It made an official statement to the community after it answered and checked the questions and concerns one by one at the time.

The background which the developers revealed at the time is as follows.


We aimed at the North American market from the planning stage before the project launch and judged that the demand for ETH products which account for overwhelming awareness and trading volume is an absolute condition for long-term sustainable projects. Therefore, we have been consulted with North American based CEXs with the launch of the project at the same time and have been discussed with CEX which is currently listed. However, unlike LBank, there was a technical issue that North American CEXs could not apply our tokenomics at the time, and after continued discussion, the relevant CEX said that it could apply our tokenomics within January 22nd. Therefore, we decided to launch and list the 2022Moon coin based on ERC-20 rather than existing BEP-20. These two tokens are separate products and can be swapped 1:1 on our own swap platform, which is scheduled to be launched in January. The same tokenomics as BEP20 token is applied to ERC20 token, and CEX to be listed will be operated by applying the existing tokenomics after undergoing a test operation period until January. From the initial design stage, we aimed to list our tokens on all mainnet platforms where Smart Contract can be applied. To this end, we have planned a liquidity of about 300 trillion tokens for users, and the remaining tokens exist in the form of unlock, team vesting, etc. for bridge and burning purposes.

Although the initial token liquidity is about 50 trillion, most of the volume will be converted to Bridge and LP when Cross-chain is applied in the future, and eventually the liquidity of each market will remain the same as about 300 trillion.

Solution to the issue

1. The liquidity of each token is set at 300 trillion, but if it is reduced to the same percentage during the burning event, it may be an issue. So, it is judged that if the liquidity released in BSC can be reduced from 360 trillion to 250~300 trillion the risk can be reduced.

2. The BSC token needs to be maintained and fixed if possible, and during the cross-chain, the price needs to be adjusted through burning (this is to prevent many volumes from being moved to bridge).


1. Why do we create a new ERC-based coin?

- As explained in the introduction, we thought that we need an ETH-based token to make our project a sustainable long-term project. We designed it in consideration of the accessibility and convenience of users by pairing with BSC through the introduction of Cross-chain technology as well as publishing on other networks, such as Polygon, Cardano, and Solana.

2. How is it interlocked with the current coin? - It will be possible to swap 1:1 on our own swap platform in December and January.

3. Do I have to create a new coin? - The tokens issued in each network need to be considered as another financial instrument launched in the ecosystem of 2022Moon.

4. It can't help but affect existing holders. Do you have any reward or other things for them? - First of all, whitelist (pre-purchase right) qualification is granted by receiving applications from existing holders, and only wallets registered in the whitelist can purchase for the first 30 minutes after the presale starts. This presale is planned to have a positive impact on existing holders. If the current holders have a disadvantage because things do not go as planned, we promise to compensate in all possible ways.

5. If there is a presale, how is the starting price determined? - It will be determined at a price of 35% lower than the current price considering 2022M token price and market conditions.

6. How is the issuance volume determined, is it based on the current volume or is it going separately? - We applied the same tokenomics as that of the existing BEP20 to draw new holders through the presale of ERC20. As explained above, we determined the issuance volume based on the liquidity of BEP20, which was initially planned, and we plan to proceed cross-chain and burning without problems. In the end, we will use a system where the tokens can be trade at a rate of 1: 1 through bridge (mint/burn) principle, burning, etc. even if the liquidity volume of the two tokens are different. However, the circulating rate of the two tokens may differ depending on the preference of the holders on the mainnet.

7. Is there any other method except presale? - As a result of long discussion on many plans, we determined that the launch of the ERC 2022Moon through presale is the best way in current situation to consider the technical aspects and take full advantage of the marketing points in the market.

8. How is the North American listing going? - On December 18, there will be the listing on Uniswap, and the official announcement and marketing of the scheduled CEX listing in the Holiday season will be performed and then the listing will be done. 9. If there is a presale, how does the burning rate change? - There is no change.

10. How should we respond to the status quo where there is nothing that we can consider as technology? - The availability of most of the coins or tokens that can be used in real life is only at a level of useless. There will be tangible availability only when the expansion of the blockchain industry and technological development of our 2022Moon are made together, so we intend to make a solid foundation for that time.


Although this attempt may make a new case, the reason to proceed it is that the growth direction of the project leading to DEX> CEX is a retreat, not a technical advance. Until the operation of the cross-chain according to the notice, ERC-2022Moon and BEP-2022Moon will be considered as separate financial instruments and the disadvantage of current holders will not occur. We also think that it is a matter of trust in the blockchain, the entire market, and the projects we have invested in, after all. Thank you for your much interest and support.

The logic was clearly presented for this new presentation and the tremendous effort to make listeners and holders understand was stood out.

3-9 ERC20-based 2022M Presale & Uniswap Listing[edit | edit source]

December 17th We provided a whitelist (preferential acquisition right) qualification for existing BSC-based holders before the presale of the ERC20-based 2022Moon coin. About 200 holders trusting the developers who showed great potential participated in the presale, and 100 ETH (about 500 million won) was sold out in about 10 minutes. It was immediately listed on Uniswap after that.

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.44.28.png

3-10 ERC-20 Token Reissuance & BitMart Listing[edit | edit source]

December 23rd There was a sudden need to reissue the ERC-20 token. It was because there was a technical defect that could not be resolved in the process of deposit to pink sale, which performed the existing presale, and CEX BitMart, which determined the listing.

The following is a notice from the development team.

[ERC-2022Moon token address change case]

1. We listed ERC-20-based 2022Moon tokens through pink sale on the 19th. 2. Even at the day of listing, there was a claim problem due to the instability of the Ethereum-based network and technical issues on the pink sale side, and we confirmed that there was a fatal technical defect during the deposit process for BitMart's listing. 3. Both pink sale and our developers tried to solve the error through various reviews, but we thought that it is not possible to collaborate with pink sale, which evaded the decisive responsibility for the error, and in the end, we decided to directly reissue the ERC-20 based tokens. 4. The new tokens were issued under the same conditions (total issuance volume, burning rate, market price, etc.) as those of 2022Moon of the existing ERC-20, and the token address change process has been completed.

New token address: 0xd9adb7536e90660f601c5bfb15cb49bfa78ca0a6

[Token contract address change process]

1. Existing ERC-20 token LP drain & existing holders’ holding volume snapshot 2. New ERC-20 tokens LP supply 3. Rewards for existing holders (from today to the end of the year sequentially)

• All systems are the same as those of the existing ERC-20 2022M, but the method to reward was changed from the current 2% of USDT to 2% of 2022M. • The case of rewards for existing ERC-20 holders

 We will supply an additional volume of 2022Moon equivalent to about $150 for holders of existing tokens (ERC-20). (5.600,000,000 2022M)

• BitMart Listing Delay (up to 3 days)

 The BitMart listing schedule will be slightly delayed (1-2 days) compared to the previous announcement date due to the above issues, but we will do our best to list it as quickly as possible. We will notify you in real time as soon as the re-decision is made.

This is a three-line summary! 1. There was a technical issue with existing tokens! 2. The contract address was changed! 2. Existing holders can automatically receive rewards!

The development team showed the wisdom of overcoming this situation without any problems by clearly writing down the clear explanation of the reason, the reward plan ($150 reward for the existing ERC-20 presale participants), and the matters of management.

스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.45.19.png

December 31st We solved the previous issues and listed on BitMart. In the case of BitMart, we couldn’t apply tokenomics based on the existing 10% transaction rate and the reward because of the technical reasons, so we temporarily applied 0.1% transaction fee, but we didn’t provide the reward.

3-11 Community History & Vanguard[edit | edit source]

It is community and development driving force that gave a substantial impact and motivation for stable operations and development of 2022Moon. The fantastic teamwork between development team, which reflects the comments of the community, and community, is a driving force that can continue to be upgraded in the future. On the day of presale, a telegram Korean room of 2022Moon community was created and the information was shared. Based on key users from the first day, a fairly cohesive and active community was formed. Centered around the Korean telegram room, in the early days, an organic relationship with the development team were created for various opinions and development directions. Based on the key users of the community, the telegram profile picture was called ‘military uniform' and the ‘recruiting enrollment' play was performed, therefore, a good atmosphere was formed. In addition, a fandom army was made, and the telegram profile ID was made as NFT, giving a big pride to the users who participate in voluntarily activities. The development team reflected the community opinion and expressed appreciation to the 2022MOON "MOONERS", which voluntarily participated in, by making their nickname 2D/3D graphic design and issuing it as NFTs. With this as an opportunity, the main community management team and development team plan to launch the 2nd Vanguard to make that possibility more concrete. The first 2022MOON “MOONERS” are as follows. Community group leader: KABI / HOLLY / COZY Early honorary members: 1. MoonDog 2. Park Geungjeong (X10000) 3. sharp the 4. MAB JACKSON 5. black 6. snoop cat 7. Yoonchaewoo 8. GGabdori 9. lee gichan 10. Jay Lee 11. dcc2kuroo 12. Pullnaembi (Daldongnae) 13. LEGOS 14. Top_GazuA 15. Yerimbaragi 16. Remy 17. Prank Lampard. The development team showed the intention that would give technical benefits for the first honorary ambassadors when they act in our own meta union platform which will be launched in the future, so a more vibrant and upgraded community will be open.

(The first term military uniform)

We started to collect "Vanguard” after finishing the activities of the first term for about one month. We decided to distribute a separate customized profile picture and the NFT of the picture to the person who applied to the Vanguard in 2021, and hundreds of people applied for it. In conclusion, a total of 500 people were selected and profile NFTs containing their nicknames were provided. 스크린샷 2022-04-02 오후 9.46.19.png

“Vanguard is the oldest artificial satellite that was launched on March 17, 1958, and still exists in Earth orbit. It has the meaning of ‘advance party’. When approaching 2022, we will give the title of Vanguard to the MOONERS who have already given us a lot of interest and support, and the uniforms (icons) to be delivered to each of them will be produced/distributed in a version added a square star. The image will be issued and sent as an NFT.”

스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.44.29.png

In addition, the development team updated Jeffrey Bot so that MOONERS who have not applied for Vanguard can receive the uniform. We support Korean and English, up to 15 characters can be used, and the following methods are available. /uniform@not_jeffrey_its_bot desired phrase

Currently, about 100 people among the 2nd members actively engage in promotional activities, and they are actively participating in official SNS, coin popularity voting, and related YouTube channels.

3-12 Wiki Project[edit | edit source]

The community members of 2022Moon voluntarily started to write down wiki to include the promotion and history of the coin. This wiki was also written down by community members

🔹 A super-large project together with the 2022M holders🔹

🌟'Hey! I can make a wiki too'

[Working Title: Collective Intelligence Wiki Writing Project]

🧑🏼🚀 Hello, MOONERS! 🐙 For the first time in Korean meme coin, holders are trying to write their own wiki.

Why? 1 ⃣ To leave the footsteps of 2022M 2 ⃣ To introduce 2022M to future holders (Just one link for transmission!) 3⃣ It’s fashionable! End.

💌How to participate: Fill out the application 👉 https://forms.gle/aMizabKDWzsQM9A58 ✅Participation Qualification: Any holder of 2022M. (Preference is given to those who enjoy reading Namu wiki, and those who are good at writing) ✅ Number of people selected: up to 5 people

3-13 Bus Banner Advertisement in Seoul[edit | edit source]

From January 1, 2022, bus advertisements were implemented in downtown Seoul for a month. We opened an event that provide the 2022Moon coin airdrop to the people who take a proof picture of the bus and put it on Twitter. Blue Bus No. 143 (Gangnam), 160 (Jongno), 272 (Noryangjin)

As a meme coin, it's literally crazy steps ... 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 2.41.47.png 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.45.21-min-min.png

(Proof picture taken by a community member)

Participation in 3-14 2022 CES

As announced in the roadmap, we participated in CES 2022, the world's largest IT company exhibition, which was held in Las Vegas, USA from January 5, 2022, with our single booth. The location was revealed through community members, and we can see that it is located as a fintech company at booth #8817. Our project team showed a lot of tremendous driving force as a new meme coin, and it has conducted a lot of interesting and curious events which can draw attention of people. 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.45.31.png 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.45.42-min.png 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.45.50-min.png

4. Features[edit | edit source]

Communication skills of the development team - The development team of 2022Moon is famous for its good communication ability. It answers most of the questions and problems in the community channel and put a lot of effort into forming the community in the beginning. The development team is showing a holder-oriented attitude by asking opinions of the community first and then making a decision on any major or small issues (token reissuance, adjustment of fees or reward plans, meme events).

Tremendous driving force - we can see that it has a tremendous driving force when looking at the listing on two TOP30-level centralized exchanges (LBank, BitMart) in just two months after launch. It also shows the ability to achieve whatever it has planned on the roadmap, including advertisements for major cryptocurrency influencers (Bitsure, Altcoin Ltd.), and bus advertisements in Seoul. There are many cases where cryptocurrencies fail to follow the roadmap even after presenting at the initial stage, but the 2022Moon development team thoroughly complies with the Show & Prove principle, where it shows its roadmap to holders first and proves it as it is. So, it received many praises for its wonderful performance.

Community unity - Holders of the 2022Moon call themselves 'Mooners' and are famous for showing great unity. They are carrying out voluntary promotions in a variety of ways including the relevant YouTube comments, Twitter retweet, oral transmission, and CoinMarketCap voting. They prepared several animated pictures and spread them around, sometimes using them as their profile pictures. And the development team collected ‘Vanguard' which act as promotion ambassadors, selected 500 people, and distributed profile pictures including the holders’ names after making them as NFTs. They showed considerable cohesion, such as sharing bus routes and waiting for an hour for a bus advertisement proof picture.

Excellent artwork ability- The development team of 2022Moon is adding strength to the unity by providing various versions of high quality 2022Moon related background screens for holders using their excellent artwork ability. Holders showed their pride by utilizing them to decorate their profile pictures, setting the 2022Moon on the background screen of mobile or PC, and posting them to the community. As mentioned above, the development team showed their artwork capability and efforts for holders by providing profile pictures with the holders' nicknames after making them NFTs. As the NFT market continues to grow, this ability of the developers can increase the possibility of 2022Moon’s success.

5. Brand Manual[edit | edit source]

We made and distributed a brand guide and manual, which is a quite rare case as a cryptocurrency. It explains the brand identity with a sophisticated logo and plausible English explanation that is not easy to interpret. When we compare the original logo with the modified logo, we can see that it has a slightly strange 'Interstellar' feeling, rather than a simple meme coin.

스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.45.57-min.png

Old Log & New Logo (Rebranding December 2nd)

스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.46.10-min.png

It had a little meme coin-like cuteness before the rebranding, but you can feel that most of its design has become quite luxurious after the rebranding. So, you can see that the design team is actually quite talented.

A collection of free downloadable mobile phone background and PC background screen (People say that it is made by Turkish designer MEHMET NARLI) https://www.pexels.com/@mehmet-narli-149575903

6. Goods[edit | edit source]

There was a conversation between developers and community that all the people in the community need to wear uniforms. The developer team made a draft with imagination and shared it.

스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.46.55-min.png On December 5, the design to be distributed in January 2022 was first revealed by the development Team.

스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 1.47.05-min.png 스크린샷 2022-04-03 오후 2.41.47-min.png

There are various goods ideas such as card wallets, stickers, and clothing in the community and it is likely that goods can be produced under the supervision of the community in the near future.

7. FAQ[edit | edit source]

The following is a collection of 'Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)' accumulated in the 2022Moon community. . How to purchase: There are four major ways for Koreans to trade the 2022Moon. Trading through decentralized exchanges Trading through Pancake Swap, Poocoin, and DEXTools (BSC) Trading through Uniswap (ERC-20) Trading through centralized exchanges Trading through LBank Trading through BitMart Example of trading through Pancake Swap



Transaction fees & reward summary When trading on Pancake Swap, Poocoin, and DEXtools (BSC Network) Transaction fee 10% Dogecoin reward to 2% holders when buying / selling When trading on LBank (BSC Network) Transaction fee 10% 2% 2022M token reward when buying 2% USDT reward when selling When trading on Uniswap (ERC-20 Network) Transaction fee 10% 2022M coin reward to 2% holders when buying / selling When trading on BitMart (ERC-20 Network) Transaction fee 0.1% (temporary) No reward when buying / selling (temporary)

Fees when moving wallets BSC-based 2022Moon: Metamask / Trust Wallet <-> LBank (10% fee) ERC-20-based 2022Moon: Metamask / Trust Wallet -> BitMart (10% fee) BitMart -> Metamask / Trust Wallet (need to confirm)

Reward calculation: Total transaction volume (buy, sell, move wallet) x 0.1 x own 2022Moon coin holding volume/total Moon coin issuance volume

Each token address: 2022Moon BSC: 0x047a02a57501a813975b2D347278Fdd3dF671E86 2022Moon ERC-20: 0xd9adb7536e90660f601c5bfb15cb49bfa78ca0a6 Dogecoin: 0xba2ae424d960c26247dd6c32edc70b295c744c43

Dogecoin does not come in. What is the reason? Dogecoin rewards depend on the Pancake Swap transaction volume, so, they come in more frequently during the period of high transaction volume but may not come in for a while during the period of low transaction volume. There is no fixed date when the reward is deposited, and it is irregular.

Where can we buy it most inexpensively among Pancake Swap, Uniswap, LBank, or BitMart? It depends on the situation. When buying BSC based coins in a decentralized exchange, the basic fee is 10% but the gas fee (BNB gas fee) is much cheaper than the ERC-20 based coins (Ether gas fee). When using LBank, the fee is 10% but there is no gas fee. In the case of BitMart, the transaction fee is 0.1% but there is no gas fee. Each exchange has different price, so the correct answer is to compare the prices of exchanges and decide the cheapest exchange. When you move from a wallet that already owns the 2022Moon coin to another place, a 10% fee will be charged, so you need to consider it in advance.

There is a price difference between exchanges. What is the reason? And how are the prices determined? The development team has a device to control liquidity and price (for example, how to buy BSC-based 2022 LP with money secured through ERC-20-based 2022Moon), but we can say that it is not involved in direct price adjustment. When a coin price increases in one exchange, people want to buy the cheaper one in another exchange and sell it expensively through the cross-chain, so, the coin price of the exchange with lower coin price will rise naturally. In the end, we can say that the biggest influence on price adjustment is the market flow.

What is Vanguard? Vanguard, which means 'advance party' in English, is a separate group of 2022Moon holders who wish to actively participate in the community through an application. We officially collected these people for about a month at the end of 2021, 500 people was selected through a lottery among the participants, and they received a profile picture with their nickname attached to the Vanguard mark in NFT format. You can understand it as a group that voluntarily conducts promotion activities for 2022Moon. We plan to continuously collect people more in the future.

What can we do to promote 2022Moon?

1. Search for 2022Moon on CoinMarketCap and press the GOOD 👍 button https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/2022moon

2. Search for 2022Moon on CoinGecko and press the GOOD 👍 button https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/2022moon

3. Mooners Fandom YouTube Subscribe/Like/Notify https://youtube.com/c/%EB%AC%B4%EB%84%88Mooners_2022m

4. Like/Retweet/Comment whenever a Twitter post is posted https://twitter.com/official_2022m?t=RyxNVlN5r5

8. PR & Press Release[edit | edit source]

Bus banner advertisement on Jongno, Gangnam, Noryangjin bus routes for one month from January 1, 2022

Promotion of Altcoin Ltd., a cryptocurrency professional YouTuber, through advertisements December 25, 2021: You can’t invest in Bitcoin that will create wealth for generations if you don’t know ‘this’.

January 1, 2022: Please show this video to someone who claims that the price of Bitcoin will fall to Zero won after the mining is completed.

Promotion of Bitsure, a cryptocurrency professional YouTuber, through advertisements December 24, 2021: ‘Cryptocurrency Institutionalization’ Cryptocurrency Institutionalization

Concluded a collaboration contract with Chinese coin influencer 币圈阿星 (followers: 1234,000) https://weibo.com/u/7644291352

Press release collection December 15, 2021: Cointelegraph '2022Moon launches new ERC-20-based version token via presale' December 15, 2021: Cointelegraph '2022Moon launches new ERC-20-based version token via presale' https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/2022moon-launches-new-erc-20-based-version -token-via-presale December 6, 2021: Asia A '2022MOON, Brand Manual Release' http://www.asiaa.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=70458 November 30, 2021: Geumgang Ilbo '2022MOON will be listed on Lbank, a global exchange next month' http://www.ggilbo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=882431 November 29, 2021: Pinpoint News '2022MOON will be listed on LBank Exchange on the 3rd of next month' https://cm.pinpointnews.co.kr/view.php?ud=202111291304309514f97614fb6c_45

The End.